Export your EncoreDecks to TTS

ED2TTS creates a jpg of your deck in a format that is suitable for importing into Tabletop Simulator.

An example image created by ED2TTS. The image consists of 50 Weiss Schwarz cards arranged side by side in a 10x5 mosaic.


To get started, choose a deck on encoredecks.com that you would like to import into Tabletop Simulator.

Copy & paste the URL to the deck below, and this website will give you a link which you can paste into Tabletop Simulator.

Example: https://www.encoredecks.com/deck/ZT1ZXFQkp

Advanced Usage

There is no need to visit this webpage to generate custom deck images; This webpage is simply a tutorial on how to use ED2TTS. All you need to know to use ED2TTS is the domain name of this website and the EncoreDecks Deck ID, and you can skip having to paste the URL into the form above. The EncoreDecks Deck ID in the example below is ZT1ZXFQkp.

For example,




You can manually type that URL into the custom deck creation menu in Tabletop Simulator and save time!

Deck images generated by ED2TTS are stored in the cloud and cached, which means there are no extra steps in Tabletop Simulator for using your decks in Multiplayer games!

Future Improvements


Chris Grimmett [email protected]